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Winter 2020 Newsletter -> Professional Development

SPG Professional Development trainings are free for SPG employees. Keep an eye out for an invitation from Koren Fereira for these upcoming trainings.

Communication Partner Training

When: Feb 6th 5:30-8:30
Presenter: Jenna Williams & Kaitlin Anderson
CE hours: 3

IEP Meetings: One Step at a Time

When: Feb 12th 5:30-8:30
Presenter: Katy Duffy-Sherr
CE hours: 3

Effective AAC Implementation:
From Research to Practice through Engagement
Incorporating AAC into the Curriculum

When: Feb 13th 5:30-8:30
Presenter: Mollie Mindel & Elizabeth Uduehi
CE hours: 3

CLD Overview: Evaluation of African American and English Learner Students

When: Feb 20th 5:30-8:30
Presenter: Maret Wilson Walker
CE hours: 3

Special Populations: Cultural & Linguistic Differences
Emerging Language: Communication Matrix

When: Feb 22nd 5:30-8:30
Presenter: Kasey Galley & Karen Natoci
CE hours: 3

What SLPs Need to Know About Assistive Technology

When: Feb 27th 5:30-8:30
Presenter: Karen Baca & Sadie Egan
CE hours: 3

Literacy and the Role of the School-Based SLP

When: Mar 12th 5:30-8:30
Presenter: Jane Krider
CE hours: 3


Other great upcoming training opportunities:

Annual CSHA Convention, Convergence 2020

PECS training in San Jose

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: The Kaufman K-SLP Methods and Behavioral Strategies to Build Successful Vocal Communication  in South San Francisco

ASHA Live Webinars

Trainings advertised on CSHA’s site