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Well, this spring has been a learning experience, hasn’t it? Having our professional and personal lives turned upside down was not what any of us hoped for, but this crisis has created learning opportunities for us all. We have caught a glimpse of our clients’ home lives, gotten in better touch with parents, and become more savvy with technology than many of us ever cared to. These experiences, along with the piles of take-home and teletherapy materials we have been hoarding, will likely serve us well into the future. Three cheers for you, SLPs!! Your efforts and care are heroic!

Free Trainings

ASHA trainings are FREE through June 30th, since all CCC holders have been given access to the ASHA Learning Pass. Now is the time to satisfy the new requirement for training in the area of ethics. With the 2020 ASHA Certification Standards now in place, ASHA CCC holders will now need to complete 1 of their 30 professional development hours in the area of ethics for each renewal interval (beginning with those belonging to the 2020-2022 maintenance interval). Here are SPG’s picks:


Teletherapy & Distance Learning Tools

Many at SPG have been hard at work to build out the Teletherapy & Distance Learning Resources available to you on the My Resources page. The SPG website also has a compilation of COVID-19 District Resources meant to help support our partnering districts and the public through this crisis.


Are you overwhelmed by the onslaught of new ideas? We get it! How about just three?


Home Sweet Home Articulation Word Lists
Word, phrase, and passage level, and organized by phoneme. And they’re FREE!


New York Times Picture Prompts
A FREE bank of interesting pictures useful for describing, inferring, talking about feelings, asking/answering questions and more.


Simon’s Cat films on YouTube
Short, wordless videos great for narrative practice, artic generalization, perspective-taking, expected/unexpected behaviors, and more.


Congratulations to these SLPs, who recently completed their RPEs and have brand new licenses!

Danielle Chapey
Ashley McHugh
Jillian Dougherty
Shirley Feng
Zoe Deane
Breeann Braucher


Shout Out!

Shout out to Jenna Williams, Kaitlin Anderson, Patty McTeague, and Kristin Rossman for their incredible collaboration in creating resources for parents and staff in Oakland USD, in response to the COVID-10 crisis. The work of this AAC/AT team has been praised highly, and the resources they have created are being shared alongside other major district-wide initiatives. Way to go!