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Calling for tips and tricks!

Our jobs as SLPs always demand strong organizational and time management skills, and the current pandemic circumstances have taken that to another level.

What saves you time at work?


Please share your tip or trick via a video clip, screen shot, and/or write-up with Maret Wilson (


For example, check out Della Logan’s ideas about using Google Forms to help with service and communication logs.

View the video »


Here are some other ideas submitted by our colleague, Janna Gray:

  • Using Google Drive for student working folders, planning therapy/assessment sessions
  • Email templates
  • Assessment checklists
  • Using Google Forms for teacher input
  • Live-typing interviews/observations


Let’s share the love and support each other during this challenging time!


The long and winding road that leads to your CCC…

Congratulations to these SLPs who have recently earned their CA SLP Licenses!


Laura Herrera

Julian Madison

Alyssa Duggan

Kylene Wenner

Emily Gargan

Alicia Randolph

Green Screens

Don’t miss the recent ASHAwire article and tutorial video on using green screens in teletherapy. Great ideas to keep kids engaged, and to bring a lot of fun to your therapy sessions: Using the Interactive Power of Green Screens to Engage Clients in Telepractice

Teletherapy and Teleassessment Manuals

There is a wealth of info, ideas, and resources in SPG’s teletherapy and teleassessment manuals, which are posted in My Resources. Need a teleassessment report template? Interested in a template to create your own virtual therapy room? Check them out, if you have not already:

Multidisciplinary Teletherapy Manual

Multidisciplinary Teleassessment Manual

CSHA Needs You!

Why become a member of CSHA? CSHA is our state’s professional organization for SLPs, SLPAs, and speech students that is run by a board of passionate SLPs from across CA. It is an organization that promotes and protects our field through legislative advocacy (We have our own lobbyist!). Most recently, CSHAs advocacy helped CFs and SLPAs continue their required supervision via teleconference rather than in-person during SIP. Thank you, CSHA!


CSHA is morphing into an updated organization seeking fresh faces, new opinions, and members who expect change. Please join CSHA if you want to join an organization that is actively seeking to increase diversity, support our SLPs of color, and give space for all voices. Become a member and remember that you can use your SPG budget toward professional memberships such as CSHA.


The CSHA Convos series is just one way that CSHA is supporting diversity and inclusion through our organization. Don’t miss the remainder of these important conversations in the 2020 series, and keep an eye out for CSHA Convos continuing into 2021!