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AAC News from ASHA Convention Orlando 2019

A new trend has been picked up at this year’s ASHA Convention: a focus on culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) populations who use AAC! Just a couple of years ago, it was rare to see this topic highlighted, and yet at the 2019 convention I counted ten (10!!!) different sessions that addressed CLD populations using AAC. Many of them were poster sessions highlighting specific groups (e.g., Arabic and Mandarin language communicators), but some topics were explored in depth through seminars. I was honored to be chosen to speak on the topic of supporting students who are African American using AAC (Titled: AAC For Everyone: Supporting African American Students). It was well attended, and I saw in front of me a caring and energized group of SLPs driven to provide equitable AAC services.

ASHA Presenters

Kathy Beatty and Mollie Mindel presented a well-received session: Legally Defensible AAC Services in the School-Based Setting: What You Need to Know! 


The participants shared many insightful comments and questions with us!


Kathy also had a wonderful time holding Office Hours in the NSSLHA Lounge.

It was a real pleasure to interact with these eager students as we discussed the future of AAC.

Pittsburgh AAC Language Seminar Series

Kathy was thrilled to be invited to meet with the esteemed faculty of the Pittsburgh AAC Language Seminar Series (PALSS) and discuss future trends in AACThese seminars were held at the offices of Semantic Compaction and were also hosted by Bruce Baker in his home.



Dr. Baker was the first to develop the idea of sequencing picture symbols under the name of Minspeak. This is the basis for LAMP Words for Life and Unity language systems. A close-up of the Minspeak symbol for “cart” which can sequence to: “wheel”, “vehicle”, or “transportation” in Cantonese.

AAC Institute

At the nationally recognized AAC Institute, home of the I Can Talk Clinic. Here I am with some of the staff (one of which is a huge Steelers fan!). Dr. Katya Hill and the group have been researching brain computer interface (BCI) technology as an access method to AAC devices.  Notice the line-up of trial AAC devices on the window ledge behind us!


Light Up the New Year with AAC & AT

The AAC Awareness Month presentations were so popular that we are repeating the series! 5 consecutive Thursday evenings, from 5:30pm – 8:30pm, beginning January 30. These trainings are open to all that wish to gain practical knowledge in AAC & AT. Come and join us for any or all in the series and receive CEUs from these experienced AAC & AT Specialists.


Register here if you would like to attend these Thursday evening live webinars. SPG team members get FREE TICKETS with promo code: GOSTAFF