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ASHA AAC Specialty Certification Update

Kathy Beatty visited the Walnut Creek Office in August to present the path to ASHA’s AAC Specialty Certification. This meeting was well-attended by SPG’s AAC & AT Specialists and AAC Mentorship Participants both onsite and via live webinar. Kathy explained the proposed requirements and provided guidelines to apply. Our staff provided input into the proposed regulations with insightful comments. ASHA is projecting applications for the Board Certified Specialist in AAC (BCS-AAC) will open late in 2020.



Apple Store Accessibility Field Trip

On August 30, a group of SPG’s AAC & AT Staff visited the Apple Store in Walnut Creek for an informative training regarding powerful, new accessibility features of iPads and iPhones. These features will enable students with visual impairments access their AAC systems and classroom curriculum with greater ease. The afternoon ended with networking at a social gathering at Maria, Maria restaurant. (see Photos)


Karen Natoci, AAC Specialist and Sarah Cretcher, AAC Intern review the new accessibility features of iPhones and iPads with an Apple Trainer.


Avaz AAC App Training

A group of AAC & AT Staff attended an Avaz AAC App training both onsite and via live webinar.

A representative from Avaz visited from India to share the features of this AAC App. Avaz is currently the only AAC App that incorporates South Indian languages with culturally appropriate vocabulary.





A surprise at Maria, Maria

A surprise at Maria, Maria for Kathy Beatty!
Her 67th birthday was celebrated with the AAC & AT Staff.