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Spring 2020 Newsletter -> SLP News

As the school year wraps up, this is a great time to reflect. SPG’s AAC Mentorship program began 6 years ago, and has evolved and grown in the years since. Over the course of this program, we have had 48 SPG employees graduate, with the vast majority now filling positions supporting students with complex communication needs. While our current AAC Mentorship cohort has faced unprecedented challenges in the last couple of months, they continue to put in the extra work to gain the skills needed to be an AAC Specialist working in the schools. Now, as we all are, they are transferring those skills to a teletherapy practice.


Our numbers continue to grow each year, with over 20 SPG employees and additional SPG applicants eager to join our AAC Mentorship program forthe 2020-2021 school year! We look forward to welcoming this new cohort for next year, and are busy updating our curriculum to reflect the “new normal” of TeleAAC. Congratulations to both our AAC Mentorship alumni and current soon-to-be graduates!