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Winter 2020 Newsletter -> SLP News

The SPG Walnut Creek clinic is thrilled to have Jennifer Huysentruyt, MS CCC-SLP offering  consultation, assessment and individualized treatment of pediatric feeding disorders.


Speech Pathology Group therapists provide evidence-based therapy services coordinating care with families, caregivers and medical professionals to provide comprehensive services to meet the child’s feeding needs.


Jenn can help families that are feeling stressed around mealtimes or need support in expanding the variety of foods their child will eat.



Did you know International Stuttering Awareness Day was October 22?

Thank you to Molly Stepaniak, MA-CCC-SLP, clinic based SLP at SPG, and her teenage/young adult client, Fernando Escobedo Jr. for reminding us that there are many factors to consider when looking at a comprehensive approach to stuttering assessment and treatment.  The documentary film,” When I Stutter,” directed by John Gomez, continues to be a helpful teaching tool for therapists and families to view.


SPG employees: Be on the lookout for an expanded version of this continuing education course later this winter.