School-Based Services

School-Based Services

Teletherapy Services

At SPG, the very core of our world is speaking and listening.
During a time where it can feel like everything being spoken is a little unnerving, we want you to know that we hear you and we are here for you and our community.


To continue supporting our partnering school districts, while ensuring the health and safety of our community, SPG is providing Teletherapy services to students requiring special education, related service support, including speech, OT, PT, behavior, and school psychology services.


Teletherapy service is an alternative way of offering consultation and multidisciplinary services, including online speech, OT, and PT therapy, as well as and behavior and school psychology services to students and families within their home. Teletherapy may be similar to traditional sessions except the students and therapists will be interacting online instead of face to face.


SPG has a secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform to provide telepractice services.


SPG’s telepractice services are also available to other educational facilities and non-contracting districts pending therapist availability.


If you have any questions you can contact SPG Teletherapy at


Teletherapy made the national news!

Thank you Good Morning America for a wonderful segment illustrating what telepractice looks like and its many benefits.  SPG’s Speech-Language Pathologists, Behaviorists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists are doing tremendous work providing remote services to help their students continue to work on their skills and make progress.


To assist you during this time, we have also compiled online resources and tools that we have found beneficial in facilitating better communication and understanding between parents, staff and other members of the IEP team. We will continue to update and expand this list to ensure that the educational needs of your student community are met.