Professional Development

Professional Development

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SPG collaborates with local SELPAs and LEAs to provide Professional Development trainings and In-services, presented by SPG’s Clinical Supervisors and nationally recognized speakers from the fields of Special Education and Behavior.


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Trainings for Speech Therapists

  • Disguising Work as Play Using ABA
  • Effective Behavior Management During Speech Sessions

Trainings for Paraprofessionals

  • Back Up! Strategies To Increase Student Independence – new!
  • Behavioral Aide Workshop (2 Days)
  • Beyond the Basics of Behavior: Advanced Skills for Paraprofessionals
  • Instructional Strategies: Best Practices in 1:1 Teaching – new!
  • Seven Steps to Gaining Instructional Control – new!
  • The Acting Out Cycle – new!
  • The Basics of Behavior for Paraprofessionals
  • The Paraprofessional Toolkit (Part 1): Preventing Problem Behavior
  • The Paraprofessional Toolkit (Part 2): Using Reinforcement Effectively
  • The Paraprofessional Toolkit (Part 3): Prompting and Prompt Fading
  • The Paraprofessional Toolkit (Part 4): Increasing Motivation and Engagement
  • The Paraprofessional Toolkit (Part 5): Identifying And Strengthening Replacement Behaviors
  • The Paraprofessional Toolkit (Part 6): Using Visual Supports in the Classroom
  • The Paraprofessional Toolkit (Part 7): Data Collection

Trainings for Special Educators, Psychologists and Administrators

  • Assessing Problem Behavior: Efficient and Effective Assessment Methods for School
  • Behavior Skills Training for Teachers – new!
  • Classroom Behavior Games – new!
  • Classroom Management Plans: Developing Structures and Supports for Lasting Behavior Change
  • Instructional Strategies: Best Practices in Group Teaching – new!
  • Reinforcement in the Classroom: Individual and Group Reinforcement Systems
  • Supportive Inclusion
  • The Behavior Plan: Writing High Quality, Easy to Implement, Effective Behavior Plans
  • The Big Four: Essential Skills to Prevent Problem Behaviors – new!

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) Trainings for All Staff

  • Classroom Management: Self Assessment and Setting Expectations
  • Low Intensity Behavior Strategies
  • Physical Arrangement and Classroom Procedures
  • Reinforcement Systems
  • Supportive Inclusion

The Classroom Coaching Model for General Education, RSP, and Special Education Teachers

  • Month 10: Data Collection
  • Month 1: Introduction to the CCM: Classroom Climate and Building Rapport
  • Month 2: The Classroom Environment: Expectations, Rules and Procedures
  • Month 3: Preventing Problem Behavior
  • Month 4: Low Intensity Strategies
  • Month 5: Reinforcement Systems
  • Month 6: Instructional Management
  • Month 7: Classroom Behavior Games
  • Month 8: Reactive Strategies
  • Month 9: Self Management


* The PBIS trainings listed above are designed to be presented as a series.


** The Classroom Coaching Model uses a combination of interviews, coaching, consultation, 1:1 support and monthly workshop-style trainings in a unique yearlong support program for teachers.


As an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider, SPG is dedicated to creating frequent, high quality professional development opportunities for both internal staff and Bay Area Behavior Analysts. Events are provided online and in workshop style sessions on a variety of topics by leaders in the field of ABA.  The Speech Pathology Group is also a state approved Professional Development Provider (PDP-12) for the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Dispensers Board.