Professional Development

YouCue Bootcamp: 3 Pathways for Social Learning ** – new!

Presented by Anna Vagin, Ph.D (3 or 4.5 hrs)

Audience – SLPs, OTs, SLPAs, Psychologists, Classroom Aides, School Counselors working with students in grades 1-8 who work with students with social learning challenges.
Research over the past decade tell us that students on the Autism Spectrum (and probably students with ADHD or emotional issues such as anxiety) also struggle to process the intention behind social movement, so it really makes sense to use materials that move. We will review 3 pathways using YouTube videos as social learning material:
Pathway 1: Building Greater Emotional Understanding, specifically: identifying feelings, thoughts and perspectives, expanding beyond “happy”, “sad”, “mad”, challenges and benefits of uncomfortable emotion
Pathway 2: Cooperation for Social Success, specifically: the role of flexibility and regulation, roadblocks to cooperation
Pathway 3: Resilience for Life’s Challenges, specifically: building tolerance for discomfort, visual supports and strategies addressing inner voice, facilitating the growth of resilience.
You will leave with a new list of great videos, activities to pair with them, suggested ways to move students to the “practice” phase, and sample rubrics to use in tracking progress for each Pathway.