Professional Development

Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Schools: Evidence-Based Practices and Current Research *

Presented by Clinical Supervisors (6 hrs)

This seminar is designed to help answer one of the most pressing questions currently facing school-based SLPs – “How do we effectively treat individuals with ASD in order for them to successfully access and achieve common core standards?” There are a myriad of treatments frequently being discussed in the general public; however this presentation will focus on the outcome of the 2015 National Standards Report (Phase 2). The report reviewed over 800 research studies and articles and then compiled information regarding which treatments were most effective according to scientific evidence. The role of the SLP will be outlined for each of the 14 “established” treatment models and sample goals will be provided for the most common treatments used in center-based or school-based service delivery models. Videos, modeling, and discussion activities will provide attendees with examples and “hands on” practice of these effective treatments.