Professional Development

The Communication Severity Scales: Revised & Updated 2017 *

Presented by SPG AT/AAC Specialist (3 hrs)

The Communication Severity Scales (CSS) are guidelines for the IEP team to consider in determining the type, frequency, duration, and location of speech/language services.

This workshop will share the system the North Inland LSH Workgroup has developed to address the following:
1) Ever-growing caseloads;
2) Individualized determination of therapy services needed;
3) Concerns with students missing classroom instruction;
4) Consistent identification of students who have a significant speech/language disability;
5) English Language Learners: worksheets and resources;
6) NEW: Complex Communication Needs and an Informal Pragmatic/Social Language Assessment are now included as part of the CSS.

*  The prior versions of the CSS are still valid.  However, you cannot order manuals without the updated training.

The update includes expanded information on phonology and pragmatics.  It also includes a separate scale for Complex Communication Needs for students who use alternative modes of communicating including AAC devices.