Professional Development

The Change Begins With Us – Getting The Most From Our Students By Examining Our Own Therapeutic Behavior **

Presented by Anna Vagin, Ph.D. (3 Hours)

As clinicians, we work very hard to get the children we work with to change. However, we don’t often consider whether we need to change some of our behaviors as well. Information will be presented regarding Feuerstein’s idea of Mediated Learning Experiences (MLEs), and how his theory, which focuses on how we can support learners, applies to our work with children who have social cognitive challenges. The majority of the presentation will focus on mediating strategies that we as therapists, teachers or aides can use to facilitate growth in language and social thought. The presenter will describe nonverbal, visual and verbal mediating strategies and will explain how these strategies can be used to facilitate growth in social thought and/or language skills. There will be many video clip examples demonstrating all the mediating strategies being used with children of varying ages and ability levels, in individual as well as group situations.