Professional Development

Stuttering Therapy: Materials, Ideas, and Generalization **

Susie Harder, M.A., CCC-SLP (Owner & Fluency Consultant of Central Valley Stuttering Center)

Clinicians often express interest in learning new ideas for fluency therapy. This course is designed to explore options and materials for treatment sessions with children who stutter, ages 7 and up. The presenter will address:
1) The three phases of fluency therapy,
2) Using materials you already have to practice fluency shaping and stuttering modification techniques,
3) Utilizing the language hierarchy to determine appropriate language levels for activities,
4) How to increase the child’s motivation in therapy,
5) Targeting adverse impact of stuttering including classroom participation and social components, and
6) Strategies for more effective transfer and generalization of skills. Emphasis will be placed on practical treatment ideas and materials as guided through EBP.