Professional Development

SLP and SLP-A Supervision & Collaboration: How to Make It Work * – new!

Presented by Natalie Webber, M.S., CCC-SLP (1.5 hrs)

The scarcity of licensed Speech-Language Pathologists to serve public school students is a major concern in California and throughout the U.S. Results of a 2016 ASHA School Survey revealed more than half (54%) of school-based clinicians reported that job openings exceeded job seekers in their type of employment and geographic area. SLPs from the western region of the US, including California, were more likely than clinicians in other regions to report that job openings exceed job seekers. School administrators are acutely aware of the adverse impact the SLP shortage has not only on provision of services to SLI students, but also in terms of state and federal compliancy mandates. What can be done to resolve this issue? Jump on board and be prepared to travel the roadmap that will help you successfully navigate the use of SLP-As in collaboration with SLPs.