Professional Development

School is Full of Feelings – What’s a SLP/SLPA/OT to Do? ** – new!

Presented by Anna Vagin, Ph.D (3 hrs)

Audience – SLPs, OTs, SLPAs, Classroom Aides, School Counselors working with students in grades 1-8 with social learning challenges.
The moment students step on campus they are surrounded by feelings – inside the classroom, the hallway, the library, the lunchroom, the blacktop, etc. Feelings are at the core of relationships, but they are also in school curriculum. When we work with students who have social learning challenges, we know that feelings will enter into our work. Whether supporting self-regulation, inference, reading comprehension, conversation or friendship competencies, feelings and emotional education must be part of our discussions. Students with social learning challenges often have restricted emotional vocabulary, seem to feel their own feelings in big ways, or struggle understanding the feelings of others as they are communicated verbally and/or nonverbally. In this workshop you will learn how to: Group emotions by feeling families based on the developmental acquisition of feeling labels, build self-reflection about uncomfortable feelings and work with the benefits of uncomfortable feelings. Additionally, will review activities to help students: Connect feelings, experiences, and mood, track their feelings in conjunction with the perspectives of others and develop more positive inner voice.