Professional Development

Report Writing and the Art of Scoring: a Comprehensive Review of CA Ed Code, Eligibility Criteria and Legally Defensible Reporting *

Presented by SPG Clinical Supervisors (3 hrs)

Participants will understand the eligibility and exit criteria for Speech and Language Impairment as stated by the CA Dept. of Education, and be able to apply this knowledge to written reports. Therapists will learn how to report scores from standardized testing, as well how to describe eligibility when alternative assessments have been used. Common errors such as invalid test administration, as it relates to the Larry P. vs Riley case and other minority populations that lead to disproportionality, are reviewed. SLPs will be able to name the 10 most common reasons students are over-identified for SLI, and determine if students are eligible based on information found in written reports. Examples of validity and cautionary statements will be provided, as well as report templates for Pre-K through 12th grade. An eligibility worksheet will be reviewed and included in the handouts.