Professional Development

Keeping It Legal: AAC Services In The Educational Setting *

Presented by Mollie Mindel, M.S., CCC-SLP, AAC Specialist (3 hrs)

SLPs often face entrenched ideas, misinformation, and unanswered questions when attempting to serve students that require AAC. Competing demands from outside sources and the district can feel like a no-win pressure. We will discover answers to many thorny AAC questions, i.e.:

  • Who can provide an AAC Assessment?
  • Is there a difference between AAC and Assistive Technology?
  • What is an AAC Specialist?
  • Who pays for the AAC device or app?
  • What must be included in a legally defensible AAC assessment report?
  • When must AAC be provided in all settings, including the home?

This presentation will allow SLPs to feel confident that they are providing legally defensible AAC services. We will draw guidance from ASHA, the legal requirements of the IDEA, and current State Rules & Regulations to keep our AAC services legal and ease the pressure!