Professional Development

It’s Broader Than You Think – New Curriculum Standards and Social Thought: From Writing Goals to Engaging Intervention **

Presented by Anna Vagin, Ph.D. (6 hrs)

New Core Curriculum Standards have multiple outcomes that are dependent on social thought. For those supporting students with social learning difficulties, it can be challenging to keep these standards in mind as we set goals, identify specific areas for intervention, and support teachers. A general overview of the Core Curriculum will emphasize underlying social and emotional knowledge, and how literacy can be affected for students with ASD, ADHD, NVLD, or emotional issues. We will also look at the issue of “jump cuts” and how these breaks omit information that supports inference, whether in a textbook or social situation. We will review a number of strategies that can be helpful in building understanding of intention, behavior, and effect. We will also focus on emotional development and its’ role in core curriculum and how we can support emotional learning, in therapy or in the classroom. We will discuss how we can use highly engaging media to facilitate teaching of abstract social concepts and investigate the use of third party material (pre-selected movie, YouTube, etc.) to build social knowledge. Participants will leave with a list of recommended media choices and accompanying activities. Video examples and YouTube viewing will be incorporated throughout the day.