Professional Development

Introduction to the Communication Matrix: Administration, Interpretation and Implementation *

Presented by Jenna Williams M.S., CCC-SLP, SPG AAC Specialist (6 hrs)

Children who present with complex communication needs along with vision, hearing and sensory motor issues are always a challenge to evaluate. Typically, it is easier to see what these children cannot do rather than what they can do. The Communication Matrix is designed to pinpoint exactly how an individual is communicating already and provide educational teams and families with a framework for determining logical communication goals in the IEP. This tool offers a clear way to organize our observations of their early communication abilities and target areas for growth. The results are represented in concise visual format which offers team member a focal point at the IEP. Attendees will review all components of The Communication Matrix, review videos, practice their observation skills and learn how to use the information from The Matrix to plan and implement progress. Emphasis will be on the pre-symbolic, complex learner and the cohesive implementation of strategies to promote the learner’s advancement toward being a symbolic communicator. Consideration of receptive communication, behavior, symbol type, array. Literacy instruction and sample IEP objectives will be shared with each level in The Matrix.