Professional Development

Inference: the Power of the Double Think ** – new!

Presented by Anna Vagin, Ph.D. (90 mins)

Audience – SLPs, SLPAs working with students in grades 1-8 with social learning challenges or expressive/receptive language delay.
Many students with social learning challenges struggle with inference, a skill that underlies academic, social, and even conversational success. We will review the skill set behind inferential skills, and review a number of strategies that can be helpful in building understanding of intention, behavior, and effect. Using the term “Double Think”, we will explore how to support students in going beyond their initial thoughts to attend to what they see and know, review their world knowledge, and figure out the “why” behind the “what”. We’ll use a range of material, from storybooks and textbooks, to YouTube videos, strategizing and practicing some approaches for engaging intervention. Includes sample goals & rubrics.