Professional Development

Improving Metacognitive Thinking in Students **

Presented by Hanna Bogen, M.S., CCC-SLP

In order for students to self-initiate learned tools, they must first develop the ability to think about their own thinking processes well enough to identify personal strengths, challenges and dysregulation triggers. Learning about brain functioning and executive functioning leads to improved self-regulation, self-advocacy, and learning success. Following an overview of metacognition and self-regulation, this presentation will focus on tools and strategies for building clients’ metacognitive and self-regulatory skills.

Topics include:
• Metacognition as a foundation for learning
• The W’s of metacognition
• Understanding the brain and brain functioning
• The importance of schemas
• Strategies to promote and integrate metacognition across therapy activities (reflecting, similar/different, cognitive connections, gestalt processing, schema forming, etc.)