Professional Development

“Hi” And “Bye” Are Easy – It’s The Middle Part That’s Tricky **

Presented by Anna Vagin, Ph.D. (3 Hours)

This half day workshop focuses on structured and semi-structured ways to work on conversation, and is appropriate for those working with students who have receptive and expressive language delays or challenges with social thinking. We will discuss the underlying social cognitive constructs of conversation and classroom discussions, as well as factors of processing and formulation speed and ability. We will talk about the importance of perspective, emotions and flexibility, and review some basic conversational choices. A systematic way of working on spontaneous conversation will be presented and practiced using small group activities. Included will be ways to work on negotiating, arguing, cooperating, dealing with misunderstandings, and texting – all important forms of conversation that we often neglect. Lots of therapy video examples will be viewed throughout the presentation.