Professional Development

Got Grammar Goals? Explore Intervention Strategies from Root Words to Plurals ** – new!

Presented by Cathy Alexander, M.A., CCC-SLP (6 Hours)

This course focuses on innovative strategies and techniques for teaching grammatical morphology beginning at the age of three. Children with language impairments often have difficulties in many areas of language, but in particularly grammar. The presenter will demonstrate evidence-based practices targeting present progressive verbs, regular and irregular past tense verbs. Furthermore, treatment techniques for plurals, possessives, comparatives and superlatives will be discussed. Principles of grammatical intervention and verb criteria selection will be addressed. Common Core State Standards in regard to grammatical morphology will be reviewed as well as grade level examples will be provided. Morphology intervention strategies targeting root words, prefixes and suffixes will be addressed and discussed. Resources available to SLPs will be discussed and reviewed. Participants will take away numerous treatment activities as well as ready-to-use handouts.