Professional Development

Effective Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Cochlear Implanted or Aided Deaf/HOH Students *

Presented by Amber Alazzawi, M.S., CCC-SLP (3 hrs)

Understanding the different types of hearing loss, learning how to interpret audiological assessments, and knowing when to refer can be challenging for any SLP without extensive training and experience. Determining appropriate speech, language evaluations and utilizing specialized treatment strategies are crucial in providing effective services to the DHH population.

This presentation for SLPs and teachers of the deaf provides in-depth strategies for both assessment and intervention to effectively serve DHH infants and children 10-months to 18 yrs of age (particularly those with cochlear implants or other hearing aid devices). Methods focus on increasing skills for: Listening and Spoken Language to auditory processing / comprehension , articulation, receptive and expressive language.