Professional Development

Effective AAC Implementation *

Presented by Elizabeth Uduehi, M.A., CCC-SLP, AAC Specialist (3 hrs)

“My student has access to AAC. How can I create effective learning situations that support AAC use?” is a frequent concern of SLPs. This presentation can help! Participants will come away with a framework for designing successful therapy and classroom groups that fosters effective AAC implementation with a wide range of AAC abilities. Examples of fun, functional topics and activities will be presented that actively engage students to use AAC for authentic communication. Both push-in and pull-out models will be discussed. Ideas for AAC social language groups will also be shared. Participants will receive access to current resources, templates, and “theme-based” activities that promote generative communication and develop long-term interest. Video examples of students developing AAC skills during therapy and classroom settings will be presented, with all abilities represented, from beginner to advanced, low tech to high tech.