Professional Development

Communication Partner Training & Techniques: Implementing AAC Effectively (or: You Can’t Do It Alone!) *

Presented by SPG Clinical Supervisors (3 hrs)

When AAC is effectively matched to an eager-to-communicate student, the resulting authentic language is a joy to behold. But the sad fact is that 80% of AAC devices and methods are abandoned within the first year. How can we prevent this from happening? We just can’t do it alone. We’ve all witnessed communication partners interacting with our AAC students in less-than-ideal ways: i.e. too much help, too little help, etc. AAC is a often a new communication system for communication partners. We need to provide communication partners with relevant, carefully selected techniques to support and develop AAC communication. This presentation will provide a systematic approach to teaching these critical skills to communication partners, such as:
Why AAC is often abandoned and how prevent this from happening to your students
What communication partner skills are critical for supporting AAC development
Who the crucial communication partners are to include into training
When to teach AAC communication skills, in the sequential order
How to effectively engage reluctant AAC users
Participants will receive training handouts ready to share with communication partners, families, and IEP Teams. You will also learn some crucial aspects of AAC implementation that are often overlooked.​ Let’s work toward AAC that is embraced by all!