Professional Development

Clinical Supervisor Presentation *

Presented by SPG Clinical Supervisors (3 – 4 hrs)

The seminar is comprised of three main sections; Guidelines, Mentoring, and Communication. The first section will walk participants through the State and ASHA guidelines including the forms and timelines required for each experience. Information will also be provided for SLP-A supervision in addition to obtaining a Clear Credential for Speech-Language and Rehabilitative services in the schools. The second section discusses the various facets of the mentoring process, including how to have effective communication and troubleshooting difficult scenarios that may arise. The third portion of the seminar reviews the various types of digital communication available to make communication between the supervisees and the supervisors’ more efficient and also to help meet the mandated responsibilities required by the state and ASHA.
Optional 1 hour Section will focus on: Hands-on activities will allow participants to a) create accounts for tools that they will use for the effective communication as a supervisor, b) tutorials for setting up accounts and c) navigating each tool using practical applications.