Behavior Management: Using Communication and ABA to Prevent and Extinguish Problem Behaviors **

Presented by: Amber Ladd, M.A., CCC-SLP BCBA & Amy Prince, M.A., CCC-SLP BCBA (T.A.L.K. Team) (3 hrs)

As speech therapists, we encounter the need to provide excellent therapy that is effective for students with a variety of behavioral issues. Clients may be using behaviors for attention, escape, or access to desired items, or even a mixture of these. Our therapy methods are successful with a variety of problem behaviors and appropriate for students of various ages and abilities. The methodology is flexible – a starting point for professionals to create therapy sessions that are truly excellent! This will not always make therapy easier, but more valuable to clients. We will address the basics of applied behavior analysis, why behavior happens, how to use the pattern of antecedent-behavior-consequence in sessions, differential reinforcement, and interventions to increase cooperation. We will also address the importance of visual supports, reinforcement systems, goal writing, and data collection. This is a hand’s on presentation, so come ready to get involved!