Professional Development

AAC In The Classroom: Empowering Support Staff *

Presented by Kathy Beatty, M.A., CCC-SLP (3 hrs)

One of most critical keys to AAC success for any student is the buy-in and comfort level of the entire classroom team. Without their support, SLPs struggle mightily to make communication a reality for their student’s using AAC. However many support staff feel overwhelmed when faced with AAC. How can they support AAC in the busy classroom? This presentation is intended for support staff that wish to provide effective interventions for students using AAC, but have limited experience. Participants will be introduced to AAC in a way that will build confidence with relevant, carefully selected techniques to support and develop communication with AAC. Examples of fun, functional topics and activities will be shared. Demonstrations and hands on experience will be included. All abilities will be represented, from beginner to advanced, low tech to high tech.