Professional Development

A Step-By-Step Guide to AAC Assessments, Part II: AAC Tools & Systems *

Presented by Brian St. Geme, M.S., CCC-SLP, AAC Specialist and Elizabeth Uduehi, M.A., CCC-SLP, AAC Specialist (3 hrs)

In order to complete legally defensible AAC Assessments, we must have a working knowledge of the evidence-based AAC Tools and Systems, from low to high tech. However, AAC technology and modalities are ever changing. This presentation will introduce readily available and effective AAC devices, symbol systems, and apps. A systematic approach for making sound AAC decisions within a framework of feature matching will be provided, pairing the capabilities and needs of AAC user with appropriate language system, hardware, mode of access, and feedback methods. We will discuss how to appropriately conduct AAC trials so that effective AAC recommendations can be made. Funding sources for obtaining AAC will also be discussed. Time will be allotted to discuss actual students from your district, taking them through the AAC Feature Matching, Trials, and Recommendations process.