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Bon Voyage!

A huge “thank you” and many heartfelt well wishes to Tonya Zimring and Julia Evans.


Tonya, thank you for bringing us all together. We surely will miss you and know you have given us so many tools to be the best therapists we can be to our kiddos and with our peers. Julia, we wish you the best on your new adventure and have no doubt you will rock the MBA world. Your ability to show a clear path and support those around you was a true gift to us all.


Tonya and Julia, you were here to support the therapists and BPT/SPG community. Your expertise, and your many contributions, both professional and personal, will be missed very much. Wishing you every happiness in your next chapters!


September 16, 2020 is AOTA’s National School Backpack Awareness Day

The third Wednesday of September has become AOTA’s Backpack Awareness Day. The focus is to bring awareness to the importance of proper fit and weight for backpacks as children start school again. Consider promoting appropriate backpack ergonomics to not only the students on your caseload but also to the entire schools you work with. AOTA also has resources for purse and briefcase ergonomics that can be provided for teachers and parents. Take a look at the tips and make sure you are following proper ergonomic practices with your own therapy equipment and personal bags.


Physical Therapy Month-October 2020:

October 2020 is National Physical Therapy month. Make sure you celebrate the PTs on your teams and spread the word about the amazing work that PTs do! Another way to show your support is to participate in the Global PT Day of Service on October 10th. Click on the link for more information and to get involved.

Back to School Prep:

The start of the school year is here! Here are a few resources or ideas to keep in mind as you head back to work:

  • Check out the OT/PT Toolkit for new ideas on therapy supplies you may want to gather for the new school year, whether it is in person or distance learning. Remember that SPG provides a stipend for purchasing supplies!
  • Make a list of important information you need to know from your school sites, especially if you’re starting at a new site this year (i.e. student schedule for distance learning, school calendar, team member contact information, IEP calendar, etc.)
  • Figure out how you are going to organize your materials for teletherapy or possible return to in-person services.
  • Take a look at this cheat sheet for ideas on What to do the First Two Weeks of School including how to navigate distance learning.

Resources Relevant to Current Conversations:

AOTA covid 19 update with resources and course »

Challenges in Pediatric telehealth for OT’s and PT’s »


Creating and Funding Healing-Centered Schools: The Time is Now »

This is a recording of a webinar that was given on July 1, 2020 that discusses trauma-informed care in a school setting


National Alliance for Grieving Children on COVID-19 »

Webinars and toolkits to help children during the time of COVID-19


Anti-Racism Resources »

Links to articles, books, movies, podcasts, etc. for those who want to engage in the conversation on anti-racism


Summary of Stages of Racial Identity Development »

A resource on the stages of racial and ethic identity development

Assessment Tool Highlight:

Developmental Profile-3 (DP-3)

Age Range: Birth to 12:11 years old

Time Required: 20-40 minutes

Norms: Standardized on a nationally representative sample


Overview: The Developmental Profile-3 (DP-3) is the third edition of an evaluation that is used to quickly assess developmental delays in five areas. These areas are: Physical, Adaptive Behavior, Social-Emotional, Cognitive and Communication. There are 180 questions total but each category has a basal and ceiling score so all items do not need to be administered which saves time. Each category is also normed separately so you may administer individual categories instead of the entire test. A caregiver or other respondent indicates on each question whether the skill presented has been mastered or not. The questionnaire was originally formatted to be in an interview style but now includes a parent/caregiver questionnaire that allows for a caregiver to complete it independently and return it to the therapist, making this an evaluation that could be possible to use via teletherapy or distance learning. The evaluation is also available in Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, and Danish. There is a paper and pencil version or an online version. The 4th edition of this evaluation is scheduled to be released in Fall 2020.