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Business as Usual? Not so much!

Summer 2020 Newsletter -> Insights

Getting ready for “back to school” with our usual SPG Newsletter feels, at best, strange and at worst, tone-deaf. We have spent a lot of time this summer listening and thinking about what “as usual” will look like for us now, and the only thing we know for certain is that it cannot and will not be what it was before!!


Growth and change are found at every turn at SPG these days, not only to meet employee and client needs, but also to commit to growing and improving as an organization, as a community, and beyond.


Some highlights and things to look out for:

  • Anti-Bias, Anti-Racism in Education training series. We hope to offer this up to all SPG employees, and then hold discipline-specific follow up meetings to discuss how we can put what we learn into practice.
  • SPG’s website now has a library of resources related to equity and awareness. Check it out and click the link to share a resource that you have found inspiring! Pass along to your district colleagues.
  • SPG is in communication with a number of additional speakers to broaden our training offerings related to cultural and linguistic diversity. Keep an eye out for new names and topics.
  • Share your ideas! Look for the bright red “Share with Susan” button on the My Resources home page.


Also, as we step back into distance learning, a variety of multidisciplinary trainings relevant to our current pandemic work circumstances will be available to all employees via Safe Schools, accessible via your SPG OneLogIn account. Take a look at the Back to School Teletherapy Information that SPG has compiled for you. More info to come on teleassessment!


Definitely not business as usual, but at SPG we are all working together to do good, to do better, and to make the best of these extraordinary times.

Equity & Awareness Focus Group

Thanks to all who participated in the SPG Community Conversations over the past few months and for sharing your valuable ideas there. SPG hopes to form an ongoing focus group on diversity, equity & inclusion within our professional disciplines, within our company, and our community. If you would like to be a part of this focus group, please contact Mengting Shieh (