Careers at SPG

What Sets Us Apart

At The Speech Pathology Group (SPG) we deliver top-notch speech/language, behavior intervention, OT & PT and school psychology services, guided by evidence-based practices and a highly trained team of experienced, caring clinicians. SPG’s clinical excellence and strong belief in providing the best outcomes for the children we service has long been a part of our core values. Because our clinicians are often placed in districts close to where they reside, they are truly invested in the community and in partnering with district staff.

  • Clinical Supervision

    Whether embarking on your first year or are an experienced clinician in a new setting, SPG understands the importance of guidance and mentorship. ALL SPG employees are assigned a personal Clinical Supervisor for on-site and resource support and have easy access to our comprehensive team of specialists. Our licensed/certified SLPs and BCBAs provide top-notch supervision for CF/RPE therapists and RBTs.
    SPG Supervisors have the time to Listen…to Inspire…to Problem Solve.
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  • AAC Mentorship Program: Growing New AAC Specialists

    SPG’s network of experienced AAC Specialists provide monthly trainings, open labs, onsite guidance, and online consultations to help our SLPs become knowledgeable and competent with up-to-date AAC tools and techniques. The second year of this exciting program consists of an “AAC Internship Year.” Participants are assigned a SPG AAC Specialist who will provide support, guidance, and consultation both on and off site.


    Employees have free access to online virtual toolkits and are provided with the opportunity to either attend in person or participate via live webinar, SPG’s complementary, professional growth trainings. SPG’s quarterly Employee Newsletter is packed full of helpful tips, recent legal mandates/regulations, evidence-based interventions, upcoming trainings, useful websites and much, much more. Over 2,000 therapy materials, assessment measures, software and resource books are available for employees to check out from our comprehensive inventory. Clinical Supervisors have access to SPG’s “Clinical Supervisor Toolbox” to select and distribute handy forms and other informational handouts.


    SPG is proud to offer employees the opportunity to join one or more of the following Special Interest Groups:


    Behavioral Intervention SIG – The purpose of this group is to foster collaboration and provide expert training and advice to those who are interested in learning more about how to utilize evidence-based behavior intervention strategies to improve their services. The Behavior Intervention SIG provides a forum through which employees can pose questions, connect with colleagues and tap into resources from SPG’’s growing staff of school-based Board-Certified Behavior Analysts.


    Cultural & Linguistically Diverse (CLD) SIG – This popular SIG group was designed for bilingual SLPs, those serving children of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and anyone who is interested in learning more about this topic. SPG’s CLD SIG members have access to expert information and opportunities to develop interconnectedness with colleagues through a shared on-line forum and to attend periodic professional development trainings which focus on the ELL student.


    AAC SIG – SPG hosts an online special interest group (SIG) forum for those with interest in augmentative & alternative communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT). Our AAC/AT SIG is the ideal forum for interested SPG professionals. Whether you are a speech language pathologist, a behavioralist, or any other related specialists, whether part of SPG’s AAC Mentorship program, have students on your caseload who use AAC, or are merely interested in learning more about this complicated and growing topic within our field, you are welcome to join our AAC/AT SIG. As a member of our SIG you will receive periodic emails as topics or announcements are posted and discussed. This forum will provide a space for questions to be posted and answered, resources and current research to be shared, challenges and success to be discussed, and most importantly the opportunity for networking with other colleagues.