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We are so appreciative of all our behavior staff and the work they do to support students and staff. For this issue, we’d like to recognize three behavior technicians in particular for going above and beyond in their assignments. Thank you for being amazing!

Mark Carrillo, RBT

Mark is a great addition to SPG. On the first day with his client, he jumped right in and displayed his amazing skill set. Mark is enthusiastic, energetic, consistent and eager to learn.


Everyone at the school has been very impressed with the way that Mark works and we are all excited about the progress that his client has made under Mark’s guidance.




Muneeb Zuberi, RBT

Muneeb has shown incredible skill, both in terms of his understanding and application of ABA, as well as interpersonally. We are particularly impressed by his work with one student who exhibited significant and severe problem behaviors.


Muneeb built a relationship with staff (including administrative staff), followed the behavior plan meticulously and was effectively able to support this student, such that the intensity and duration of some of the most significant behavior drastically decreased.


Lily Avila, RBT

Lily continuously brings a positive attitude to work. Every day is a new day for great things and she demonstrates that through her patience with her student.


Lily is a team player and communicates regularly with her supervisor and works alongside school staff to provide her student with the best possible support. She has a strong understanding of ABA principles and strategies and those skills are readily apparent in her work.



The last three months of SSTS trainings featured fabulous guest presenters. In October, clinical supervisor Katie Bassard reviewed the principles of reinforcement and modeled conducting a preference assessment with her very cooperative daughter. Clinical supervisor Stefanie Neuberger provided an overview of skills-assessments and a detailed break-down of the VB-MAPP in October. Trainees especially enjoyed the video clips of adorable kids demonstrating early verbal behavior. In December, Dr. Eric Common from the University of Michigan-Flint joined us remotely to share his expertise in developing and implementing multi-tiered systems of support in school settings.


December’s post featured a step-by-step guide to creating an expectation matrix specifically tailored to the activities and routines that comprise SLP’s sessions. Be on the lookout for information about our next continuing education event. BCBA clinical supervisor Stefanie Neuberger will be presenting on the VB-MAPP as an assessment option to add to your toolkit. We’ve added quite a few new members recently and are looking forward to continued growth!


Professional Development

Late fall and early winter continued to keep the BIS department busy with PD requests from districts far and wide!


In November, six of our BCBA Clinical Supervisors (Amanda Duclos, Kathryn Germer, Rubilene Noguera, DeAnna Glass, Stefanie Neuberger and Paul Zaporteza) and two Program Specialists (Brianna Gonzalez and Brittany Castelluccio) conducted 12 professional development trainings in a single day in San Lorenzo Unified School District. The audience included general education teachers, special educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, paraprofessionals, and administrators. The topics ranged from Reinforcement Systems, Supportive Inclusion, Physical Arrangement, and other PBIS strategies for classroom success. The day became lovingly referred to as the SPG MEGA Training and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.


In December, DeAnna Glass traveled to Burbank, CA to provide our first BIS training to their large group of paraprofessionals. The half day workshop covered Understanding and Changing Behavior.


We’re thrilled to be branching into new territory with our innovative and entertaining professional development opportunities. Stay tuned in the New Year for more BIS PD excitement!