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Welcome Andrea Buenvenida to the Human Resources Team!

The HR Department is happy to introduce the newest member of our HR team, Andrea Buenvenida, HR Generalist.
Andrea’s primary responsibilities are supporting our Speech and OT-PT teams with new hire onboarding, off boarding and other HR projects.


Andrea comes to SPG with a strong Human Resources background. She worked for a credit card processing company in the Financial District providing onboarding, payroll and other HR support. Her experience includes working at West Contra Costa Unified School District where she provided classroom and sign language support. Andrea holds a Business Administration degree with a focus on Marketing from San Francisco State University.


On the weekends, you most likely will find Andrea expanding her palate by exploring new foods and flavors from the Bay Area and beyond. In addition, Andrea enjoys traveling to different places (near and far) with her family and friends. However, Disneyland is her happiest place on earth.


The Human Resources Department is thrilled to have Andrea as a member of its team!

Does Your Emergency Contact Information Need Some Updating?

We rarely think about updating our emergency contact information, and fortunately, the times are few and far between when SPG needs to access an employee’s emergency contact information. Nonetheless, in the unfortunate event of an emergency or accident in the workplace, it is vitally important for HR to know who your emergency contacts are and how we can reach them.


You can easily verify your emergency contact details and make any changes necessary in the Employee Portal. Below are instructions on how to update your contact information:


Start by logging into OneLogin, and click on SPG Employee Portal link. Once in the Employee Portal:


  1. Click the Menu icon in the upper left corner and select My Information > My Profile > My Profile.
  2. Under Account Contacts (located on the right, scroll down, if needed) click on the pencil icon to edit an existing record.
    To add a new record, select ADD CONTACT.
  3. On the Account Contact form, in the Contact Type row, click the box to the left of Emergency.
  4. Input First Name and Last Name, then click on the Relationship drop-down arrow to select the Relationship.
    (Only select from the four drop-down options; do not type another option in the Relationship field.)
  5. Input the Phone Number, including area code, and designate that number as Primary.
    You’re welcome to include additional phone numbers.
  6. Click SAVE on bottom right.
  7. After the Account Contact form closes, click SAVE once more in the top right corner before exiting.


If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your HR team at

Tips for Working from Home

As you prepare to work from home during these unprecedented times, here are some helpful tips that we hope will make your transition to at-home work a bit easier:


Stick with your routine

Even though you’re not commuting to your regular work location, it’s a good idea to maintain your regular routine. Wake up at the same time, get dressed in real clothes, eat breakfast; this helps you mentally prepare for the day.


Create a workspace

Set aside a space to be specifically used as your workstation. This can help you avoid distractions and leave your work behind at the end of the day.


Define work hours

Our world has been turned upside down and maintaining your regular work schedule may not be feasible.  Do the best that you can to arrange your contracted work hours around your district and service responsibilities and your family needs.  Please take a lunch break and other breaks throughout the day.


Get fresh air and exercise
Sitting all day isn’t healthy and working from home may give you fewer reasons to leave your chair. Make it a point to get up, and take walk breaks or exercise at lunch. Open your windows to let in natural light and fresh air.


Stay connected

Make sure to check in regularly with your supervisor and colleagues. Keep the lines of communication open.


We have every confidence you’ll successfully navigate this new way of working!