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Summer 2020 Newsletter -> Announcements

Meet the newest members of the SPG family! A warm welcome to these sweet, new additions, and congratulations to the proud parents!


Colleen Sheh:
Cara Doo born on May 13th
Tanya Lake:
Isabelle Marie Gibbons born on May 6th
Brittany Fajardo:
Lucca Bruce born on May 7th
Jordan Olenberger:
Nora born on May 14th
Leanna Cosgrove:
Ava Elizabeth Cosgrove born on July 10th
Ashley McHugh:
Logan Joseph Brookshire born on July 11th
Lilia Kiroga:
Cielo Eliana Cortez born on July 19th
Kam Prakash:
Raja Akhil Humphrey born on July 31st
Subrina Orlando:
Leah Jolie Sheppard born August 4th
Josh X:
Reese St. Roch “Rocky” Dacoco born August 10th