SPG Is Cost Effective

  1. 1. Alternative Options for Service Delivery include:
    • Implementation of Response to Intervention
      SPG supports school districts that have implemented Response to Intervention (RtI), a nationally recognized approach to supporting students within a general education setting. Our therapists receive trainings in instructional modifications that can be used as part of RtI to help students achieve classroom success.


    • Collaboration within the Classroom Setting
      A collaborative model between the SLP and SDC teacher, with the goal of providing “push-in” therapy, allows the speech therapist to provide language therapy services to 5-10 students at one time. Therapy is directed by a speech-language pathologist, and aided by special education teachers and para-educators within the classroom. The collaborative service delivery is time efficient for those therapists with very high caseloads. In addition, this model allows for the “hands-on” education of teachers and para-educators, as they observe the SLP modeling successful strategies/interventions within the classroom. By incorporating these techniques on a daily basis in their classrooms, generalization and carryover of learned skills is facilitated. Collaborative speech therapy is an effective cost-saving investment and successful service delivery model for carryover.


  2. 2. Staff Education and Training include:
    • Free In-services and Seminars
      The Speech Pathology Group is a state-approved CEU provider and offers seminars and workshops throughout the year. Appropriate district staff may attend free of charge and receive professional development CEUs. Topics include, but are not limited to, Collaboration in the Classroom, Response to Intervention, Picture Communication System, Selective Mutism, and various treatment methods for communication disorders.


  3. 3. Provision of Therapy Materials and Diagnostic Tools include:
    • Diagnostic Measures and Therapy Tools Available
      With an existing comprehensive library of over 1500 therapy tools and assessment measures available to SPG staff, and with an additional budget assigned to each SPG employee for ordering caseload specific materials/resources, districts are able to cut costs in the area of procuring supplies for speech therapy services. SPG continually updates the therapy tools and diagnostics library with the most current and evidence-based materials available, ensuring each therapist has the right tools to do their job!


    • Time-Saving Resource Packets and On-line Subscriptions
      The Speech Pathology Group provides time-saving resource packets on subjects such as English Language Learners, Pragmatics, Auditory Processing, African American Testing and Eligibility and Phonological Awareness. These packets are designed to reduce the planning and preparation time needed for specific populations, and provides our therapists with suggestions that can be immediately implemented and handouts that may be distributed to teachers and parents. “Navigating your Way Through the Public Schools” has proven to be an effective resource packet, especially for therapists working at a new site, in that it provides the school therapist with ready-made forms, letters, checklists and handouts. This saves therapists hours of time in setting up and administering their programs. SPG therapists can access on-line subscription resources for additional support.