Services and Programs

About Us

At SPG, we take pride in our service to our students, staff, and districts. We offer educationally based intervention and evaluation services designed to assess and address students’ areas of needs, while capitalizing on their strengths and interests. A leader in AAC and AT services, we provide AAC and AT assessments, consultations, intervention directly with an individual or team, as well as remotely.


AAC & AT Services

Our AAC and AT Staff provide comprehensive AAC and AT evaluations that follow Medi-Cal standards for insurance coverage for durable medical equipment. We will work to support a team through a funding request, as well as look into alternative forms of funding if necessary. We work collaboratively to develop educationally sound implementation plans, supports and strategies to support the success of students, classrooms, and schools.


Educationally based AAC services we provide:

  • AAC Assessments, including third-party funding submissions for AAC devices
  • AAC Interventions
  • AAC Trials and Demonstrations
  • AAC Trainings and Supports
  • AAC Collaboration and Consultation
  • Technical Assistance and Maintenance of AAC equipment


Educationally based AT services we provide:

  • AT Assessments, including third-party funding submissions for AT equipment
  • AT Interventions
  • AT Trials and Demonstrations
  • AT Trainings and Supports
  • AT Collaboration and Consultation
  • Technical Assistance and Maintenance of AT equipment


Additional Services and Programs

SPG provides unique and innovative AAC and AT offerings. We take pride in our cutting-edge programs that offer students, educational teams, and educational systems with classroom and district wide interventions and strategies for increasing academic, communicative, and social growth for students with disabilities. We are committed to providing outstanding professional development in the fast-changing fields of AAC and AT.

  • AAC & AT Trainings & Workshops
  • We Rock AAC! Camp Brochure – Coming Soon
  • PAACES (Practical Application of Augmentative Communication in the Educational Setting) – Coming Soon
  • FAACES (Framework for Accommodating Augmentative Communication Users in the Education Setting) – Coming Soon


Models of Services

1. District Consultation Model

  • Develops and supports AAC and/or AT services within a district
  • Provides district-wide AAC and/or AT trainings

2. Assessment Model

  • Provides AAC and/or AT assessments and implementation, including communication partner training

3. Direct Service Model

  • Provides service hours for students that have AAC and/or AT indicated on the IEP

4. Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)

  • Conducts IEEs for AAC and/or AT as requested for individual students
  • Communication Partner Training provided, if warranted


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