SPG Educational Services

The Speech Pathology Group (SPG), a comprehensive team of specialized speech-language pathologists, has been serving children in California school districts and other settings since 1989. Our goal of improving the educational performance of communicatively impaired students at all grade-levels, through the provision of quality diagnostic and intervention services, has resulted in the excellent reputation and wide-spread recognition we enjoy today. By providing our licensed, certified and personable staff with ongoing trainings, top-notch clinical support and with the materials, diagnostic tools and resources they need to successfully accomplish their goals, our clients receive the highest level of clinical expertise and the best possible service.


SPG uses a direct, collaborative, “hands-on” approach that includes an effective communication plan at both district and school-site levels. This is made possible by the fact that we are a local company operating solely in California. SPG’s President, herself a speech-language pathologist, and its’ employees are local residents with an investment of time and commitment to their communities. Special education directors, program specialists and other district-related administrative personnel have rated the easy accessibility to SPG’s director and clinical managers as “excellent!” SPG believes that effective communication and collaboration are the keys to a successful working relationship! That is why we are eager to share our cost effective interventions and innovative approaches for servicing communicatively handicapped students with the facilities and school districts we serve.


SPG takes great pride in the longstanding partnerships we have developed with many school districts in Northern and Southern California. Our philanthropic endeavors have resulted in significant contributions to various Special Education organizations within our community and throughout California.


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