Facilitating Communication and Early Literacy Skills with the Emerging AAC Communicator **

Presented by Patti Solomon-Rice, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, Assistant Professor and Clinic Director, San Francisco State University

Emerging AAC communicators are individuals who do not yet have any reliable means of symbolic communication. They typically have non-symbolic communication via gestures, facial expression, and pointing, but no way to talk about concepts beyond the here and now. The goal of intervention is to identify the first reliable method of symbolic communication. But, how does the SLP do this? This workshop will describe best practices for assessing the strengths of the emerging communicator to determine a reliable method of symbolic communication. This workshop will also discuss best practices for selecting vocabulary that is powerful, motivating and functional for the emerging AAC communicator. Goals and objectives for facilitating linguistic, social, strategic and operational AAC competencies will be reviewed. Lastly, as the ultimate goal of intervention with the emerging communicator is to become a literate context dependent communicator, best practices for early literacy intervention will be provided.