Curriculum Based Treatment for Preschoolers: A make-and-take It Workshop (max of 10 participants) *

Presented by SPG Clinical Supervisors (3 hrs)

Preschool materials abound! This hands-on workshop will focus on curriculum-based treatment options for speech-language pathologists working with preschool-aged children. Theme-based materials to address a range of preschool needs including phoneme acquisition, vocabulary, grammar development and fluency will be presented. Parent education, developmental norms and lesson plans, as well as theme-related books and other helpful “take aways” will also be provided. Clinicians will have the opportunity to make materials that correspond to one theme-based lesson. A review of the California Preschool Language Foundations, the state standards that guide preschool services, will be included.

Bring your own questions, interesting cases and materials to share! Time will be provided to learn from fellow therapists who are also serving preschool students. The “make & take it” portion of this workshop cannot be offered to groups over 10.