Addressing Common Core Standards with Apps – A Guide for SLPs *

Presented by SPG Clinical Supervisors (3 hrs)

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are designed to identify the knowledge and skills students need in order to be successful in college and/or post secondary employment. In order for students with disabilities to meet these academic standards, instruction must incorporate supports and accommodations delivered with high-quality, evidence-based instruction. This in-service will discuss how to integrate the iPad in the classroom as an instructional tool to support students with special needs and assist them in accessing the common core state standards. Attendees will be presented with a 4-step App Implementation Strategy, developed by Global Augmentative Communication Innovators for ASHA Webinars. The Common Core Standards of “Speaking & Listening”and “Language” will be reviewed in the context of appropriate apps and their use. App demonstrations will focus on therapy activities and resources that can be used with students from PreK – High School.

  1. Evidence based app selection
  2. Introduction of app in the therapy setting
  3. Strategies to increase interaction with communication partners
  4. Activities to promote generalization