“I have been working with SPG for 7+ years. I’ve stayed year after year because this is a company that operates with integrity and offers a lot of support for its employees.”
~ Nima Stadler, M.S., CCC-SLP, 6 years, San Diego


“I truly feel valued and supported as a part of the SPG team.”
~ Sarah Hohm, M.S., CCC-SLP, 10 years, Alameda County


“SPG is very supportive, collaborative, caring, and easy to work with. They have an open door policy and consider continuing education a priority as they constantly offer up to date courses”.”
~ Brianne Jones, M.S., CFCC-SLP, 6 months, Santa Clara County


“I love working for SPG because of the immense amount of support they provide. Any time I need help, it is there. I always know I can call any of the supervisors, and they will not only advise on the issue I am having, but they will do their best to help me resolve it. SPG allows for a sense of work-life balance. They put their employees first, always checking to make sure we are satisfied, and go the extra mile to support our professional goals.”
~ Danielle Moffett, M.S., CCC-SLP, Berkeley (Alameda County)


“In the three years I have been working for SPG, I have received unending support and guidance from my supervisors. SPG offers me the necessary tools to provide effective therapy intervention while sustaining guidelines for best practice.”
~ Mandy Bacca, M.S., CCC-SLP, 3 years, Solano County (Dixon)


“I’ve been with SPG for five years. I appreciate the valuable continuing education, incredible professional support and opportunities for community involvement that SPG has provided me since my CF.”
~ Amy O’Kelly, M.S., CCC-SLP, 5 years, Sacramento