Mentoring Program

Whether you are embarking on your CF year or are an experienced clinician working in a new setting, SPG understands the importance of guidance and mentorship. All SPG employees are assigned a personal clinical supervisor and have access to our comprehensive team of specialists. It is the clinical supervisor’s primary responsibility to provide support through on-site visits, phone conferences and emails. Clinical supervisors may help address site-related concerns, explain procedures and required paperwork, model specific therapy techniques, assist with diagnostic testing and review evaluation reports. They listen. They inspire. They provide solutions.


The diversity of experience, training and education among our clinicians contributes to SPG’s vast array of support resources. Our specialty resource packets contain useful parent/teacher handouts, forms, checklists, activity suggestions and much more. Our collaborative approach does not stop here! Employees contribute therapy ideas and suggestions to our Employee Newsletter. Clinical supervisors list upcoming workshops and social gatherings, cite relevant websites and include professionally related information … whether on “current trends” or “new mandates and regulations.” All employees have access to TheraSimplicity and Social Skills Central, two virtual tool kits that have thousands of intervention tools. Materials, diagnostic tests, software and resource books are available for check-out year round from SPG’s lending library.


AAC Mentorship Program

SPG’s AAC Mentorship Program: Growing new AAC Specialists!
SPG has initiated an exciting AAC mentorship program, available to employees. Our network of experienced AAC Specialists provides monthly trainings, open labs, onsite guidance, and online consultations to help our SLPs become competent with up-to-date AAC tools and techniques. This is a two-year program with increasing levels of skills and responsibilities. It is free of charge for SPG employees.


Top 5 reasons our AAC Mentorship Program rocks!

  1. Learning evidence-based skills and assessment tools designed to evaluate areas of needs and guide AAC decision-making
  2. Receiving templates for funding reports, educationally based assessments, and much, much more!
  3. Collaborating with a network of SLPs dedicated to providing outstanding AAC services
  4. An opportunity to get hands on experience with the complete spectrum of AAC devices and modes
  5. Helping nonverbal individuals find their own authentic voice!