Grad Student Opportunities


SPG’s comprehensive team of specialists are willing and eager to share their expertise and can provide excellent opportunities for graduate students to expand their clinical and academic training to professional settings outside the university. Students are paired with our experienced, licensed and certified speech-language pathologists for top-notch mentoring and supervision. Contact for further information on how to arrange your externship experience.



Becoming a NSSLHA member is the first step in becoming an advocate for persons with communication disorders. It also represents professionals devoted to acquiring knowledge of current affairs and up-to-date methodologies.


The Speech Pathology Group offers one-hour SLP guest speaker presentations on a number of relevant topics to NSSLHA Region 10 members, NSSLHA groups, and university graduate classes in the Bay Area. We offer several presentation topics that will help to prepare NSSLHA graduate students in the field of speech-language pathology and speech and hearing science. Our most popular free presentation to graduate students is on how to navigate through the CF year.


If you are interested in scheduling a SLP Guest Speaker to come to your university and speak to your NSSLHA group, contact for further information.


The Speech Pathology Group supports Region 10’s missions of forging professional relationships, facilitating the transition from NSSLHA membership to becoming a member of ASHA and providing entry into the speech-language pathology profession.


In addition to offering complimentary SLP guest speaker presentations, SPG has had the privilege of donating to and sponsoring student luncheons, workshops and professional development at annual conference and universities.